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Scientists Reveal How Smartphones Make Us Dumber

Turning your phone off to avoid distraction may be futile because your brain still knows it’s there. A recent study has concluded that just because you put your phone in your pocket on vibrate, doesn’t mean it isn’t distracting you. This study determined that the physical presence of one’s smartphone, visible or not, takes up resources in a person’s brain that caused participants to do more poorly on cognitive tests. The study, entitled “Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone R

Is Your Fish Dinner on Prozac?

Drugs in our drinking water are causing abnormalities in fish and concern in the scientific community. What does this mean for us? Most of us employ an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality when we flush the toilet. But what about when you discover some of the things we flush are coming back to us through our drinking water? Wastewater treatment plants remove lots of harmful materials, but scientists have been finding trace amounts of pharmaceutical and illicit drugs in our drinking water that

EPA Rolls Back Plans to Ban Harmful Pesticide

Despite compelling evidence indicating harm to children, the Environmental Protection Agency has postponed plans to ban chlorpyrifos. With the current US administration shifting government focus away from environmental issues, one hazard that has been put on the backburner is chlorpyrifos, a common pesticide used in agriculture and on turf in the United States. Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had been working on banning the chemical outright, the agency has since discarded

Cooking Tips and Recipes for Your EcoZoom Rocket Stove

Cook delicious meals anywhere with these portable and fuel-efficient stoves. Modern rocket stoves as we know them today developed in the 1980s as fuel-efficient, safe stoves primarily used for outdoor cooking. However, the basic technology behind rocket stoves has been around for centuries. Throughout history, people around the world have used oil lamps, chimneys, and wood-burning stoves with the same convection and combustion cooking methods employed in rocket stoves. Today’s designs provide

How Urban Farming is Healing Lives in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Walking down Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, you will be surrounded by crumbling buildings, bars, and a prominent population of homeless people occupying door stoops. Through the alleyways, you can see the high-rises of the city’s core glistening. And amid this juxtaposition of poverty and prosperity, you may come across the Sole Food urban farm at Main Street and Terminal Avenue, and be struck by the still rows of fruit trees in raised garden beds, a stark contrast to the blaring